Kate Baker
Kate Baker


Title Mother
Gender Female
Status Alive
Tom Baker (husband)Edit
Nora Baker (daughter)Edit
Charlie Baker (son)Edit
Lorraine Baker (daughter)Edit
Henry Baker (son)Edit
Sarah Baker (daughter)Edit
Jake Baker (son)Edit
Mark Baker (son)Edit
Jessica Baker (daughter)Edit
Kim Baker (daughter)Edit
Mike Baker (son)Edit
Kyle and Nigel Baker (sons)Edit
Actor Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt as Kate Baker, the mother of the 12 children and wife of Tom Baker. The loss of a sister in childhood inspired her to have a large family. She sacrificed a dream of being a sports journalist to become a stay-at-home mom. She later quickly becomes used to the lifestyle of a professional book writer, but ultimately misses her family and abandons her new career.

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